March 6, 2012

“Looking at the complex texture of LOGO development (of which I have mentioned only a sample of what already exists and barely a foretaste of what might come) provides a new perspective on the problem of deciding not only whether LOGO succeeded or failed, but whether all endeavors in the field have succeeded or failed.

The problem is not so much solved as dissolved: the real problem is not whether LOGO “succeeded,” but understanding the growth of a computer learning culture in which LOGO plays an important, but not determining, part. Does this mean we can simply drop LOGO? Yes but only when LOGO is given its ultimate success by the evolution of the next stage of programming systems for children.”

Papert, S. (1997) “Educational Computing: How Are We Doing?” T.H.E. (Technological Horizons in Education) Journal. June, 1997, pp. 78-80. Accessed at, March 5, 2012.

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