Seymour Papert Brings Robotics to Children & Classrooms

Here is a promotional video produced by the Father of Educational Computing and the Maker Movement, Dr. Seymour Papert, for the LEGO company circa 1987.

It introduces learning through robotics construction and Logo programming in an inner-city Boston public school, The Hennigan School.

Seymour Papert Introduces LEGO TC Logo from Gary Stager on Vimeo.


2 Responses to “Seymour Papert Brings Robotics to Children & Classrooms”
  1. Ann M. Preus says:

    Thank you for sending me the Daily Papert newsletter. I have a long-standing interest with both Seymour Papert,
    Lego and a Boston group. Nothing resulted, but I have ‘kept going’. I am a female entrepreneur who happened
    to originate an innovative math system trademarked Compute-A-Color, way back in 1978 – subsequently gained a
    patent. Education was not my field (that was violin, art and journalism). It is easier to tell you my web than to
    try to describe. That is: I think I was the first to combine East/West theories of number
    to bring sensory enrichment to ‘set the stage’ for early learners. Because a simple color-code serves as language
    CAC has global potential; so I have been many places. It works! I am celebrating today, since beginners in a MN Kindergarten just got 70 Compute-A-Color Tool Buckets. FUN!

    • Ann M. Preus says:

      I would be delighted to be in contact with research persons in Boston, Adam Croom at Pepperdine and also
      educator Charischak. When I tried at Lego, at that time, the president declined information (except for my
      address from a friend in Sweden) saying (about prime numbers): “Children know it ….they just don’t know they
      know it….” Well, I disagree. My husband says most people don’t know a Prime from a Potato. That’s what may
      be the trouble?! Anyway, Kindergarten kids can now figure it out for themselves! A coveted way to learn with
      Compute-A-Color! …from Ann-Margaret.