Ways to Help

This site is truly a labor of love and I can use your help in three different ways!

  1. If you are a fan, scholar, colleague, friend or casual reader of Papert’s work, I would be most grateful for you to share a favorite Papert quote, along with citation, to be included in this site. I’m hoping to have at least one year’s worth of Daily Papert wisdom published for others to enjoy and could really use your help!
  2. If you have any photographs of Dr. Papert that you would like to share on this site, please email me as well. You retain copyright to the images.
  3. If you have a recording (audio/video) or transcript of a Papert presentation unavailable elsewhere, I’d be happy to host it for you or link to it on this site as part of the Daily Papert.

Submit your contributions to the site here. One sentence can go a long way!

All contributions will be noted on the site.

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