June 27, 2017

Seymour Papert (early 200s):

And by the way something that we’ve seen that’s incredibly encouraging is that there’s a lot of fear that computers can mean … teachers are afraid to give up control in their classroom. It’s really interesting, the schools that have already had these computers here. There’s none of that, not a single teacher seems to be upset about … on the contrary most of them are excited about the fact that they don’t have to micro manage the activities of the classroom in the way that they traditionally did.

Speaker 2:            That’s very important.

Seymour:              Kids are taking more initiative and kids know more than they do about some things. It’s making the classroom a much more lively place and a much more interesting place for them as well as for the kids. I always knew that teachers would learn this eventually and from earlier experiences saw it happen somewhat slowly. But, I think it’s something about the present atmosphere in the world that this digital counter has spread so much. That it’s entered peoples consciousness, that there’s never any single one way to do things and we can’t control the world and that decentralized ways of working … decentralized process is what’s really important. I think teachers it’s part of that background that is infiltrated into teachers’ consciousness. As members of current society would say bring it to the school context if you give them the chance to make choices there.

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