May 14, 2014

“Across the globe there is a love affair between children and the digital technolo­gies. They love the computers, they love the phones, they love the game machines, and – most relevantly here – their love translates into a willingness to do a prodigious quantity of learning. The idea that this love might be mobilized in the service of the goals of edu­cators has escaped no one. Unfortunately, it is so tempting that great energy and money has been poured into doing it in superficial and self-defeating ways – such as trying to trick children into learning what they have rejected by embedding it in a game. Nobody is fooled. The goal should not be to sugar coat the math they hate but offer them a math they can love.”

Papert, S. (2006). Afterword: After how comes what. The Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.



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