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Many thanks to Andru Luvisi for assembling this list of MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab Logo Memos. The page has been recreated here since the links on the original page no longer work. (December 2021) The MIT Logo Memos were a series of papers and reports written between 1971 and 1981.

Logo Memo 1 AIM-246 A Computer Laboratory for Elementary Schools
Logo Memo 2 AIM-247 Teaching Children Thinking
Logo Memo 3 AIM-248 Twenty Things To Do With A Computer
Logo Memo 4 AIM-249 Teaching Children To Be Mathematicians vs. Teaching About Mathematics
Logo Memo 5 AIM-254 NIM: A Game-Playing Program
Logo Memo 6 AIM-264 Developing A Musical Ear: A New Experiment
Logo Memo 7 AIM-313 Logo Manual
Logo Memo 8 AIM-298 Uses Of Technology To Enhance Education (NSF Proposal)
Logo Memo 9 AIM-311 TORTIS Toddler’s Own Recursive Turtle Interpreter System
Logo Memo 10 AIM-305 Summary Of MYCROFT: A System For Understanding Simple Picture Programs
Logo Memo 11 AIM-307 LLOGO: An Implementation Of Logo In Lisp
Logo Memo 11A AIM-307a LLOGO: An Implementation Of Logo In Lisp
Logo Memo 12 AIM-312 The Luxury Of Necessity (music)
Logo Memo 13 AIM-314 What’s in a Tune
Logo Memo 14 AIM-315 A Glosary of PDP11 Logo Primitives
Logo Memo 15 AIM-320 Velosity Space and the Geometry of Planetary Orbits
Logo Memo 16 AIM-315a A Glosary of PDP11 Logo Primitives
Logo Memo 17 AIM-330 A Computational View of the Skill of Juggling
Logo Memo 18 AIM-338 The Art of Snaring DRAGONS
Logo Memo 19 AIM-342 The Development of Musical Intelligence I: Strategies for Representing Simple Rhythms
Logo Memo 20 AIM-343 Leading a Child to a Computer Culture
Logo Memo 21 AIM-348 Turtle Escapes The Plane: Some Advanced Turtle Geometry
Logo Memo 22 AIM-356 Logo Progress Report 1973-1975
Logo Memo 23 AIM-336 Teaching Teachers Logo
Logo Memo 24 AIM-360 Using Computer Technology To Provide A Creative Learning Environment For Preschool Children (TORTIS)
Logo Memo 25 AIM-361 The TV Turtle A Logo Graphics System for Raster Displays
Logo Memo 26 AIM-371 An Evaluative Study of Modern Technology in Education
Logo Memo 27 AIM-373 Some Poetic and Social Criteria for Education Design
Logo Memo 28 AIM-375 A Case Study of a Young Child Doing Turtle Graphics in Logo
Logo Memo 29 AIM-393 Student Science Training Program in Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science
Logo Memo 30 AIM-383 Overview of a Linguistic Theory of Design
Logo Memo 30A AIM-383a Overview of a Linguistic Theory of Design
Logo Memo 31 AIM-384 AI Based Personal Learning Environments: Directions for Long Term Research
Logo Memo 32 AIM-385 Parsing Protocols Using Problem Solving Grammars
Logo Memo 33 AIM-386 SPADE: A Grammar Based Editor for Planning and Debugging Programs
Logo Memo 34 AIM-387 Structured Planning and Debugging A Linguistic Theory of Design
Logo Memo 35 AIM-388 PAZATN: A Linguistic Approach to Automatic Analysis of Elementary Programming Protocols
Logo Memo 36 AIM-381 Wumpus Advisor 1: A first implementation of a program that tutors logical and probabilistic reasoning skills
Logo Memo 37 AIM-389 The Computer as Coach: An Athletic Paradigm for Intellectual Education
Logo Memo 38 UNKNOWN
Logo Memo 39 AIM-391 Grammar as a Programming Language
Logo Memo 40 AIM-395 Pre-Readers’ Concepts of the English Word
Logo Memo 40 AIM-406 Overlays: a Theory of Modeling for Computer Aided Instruction (Replaced by 395)
Logo Memo 41 AIM-396 Teaching the Computer to Add: An Example of Problem-Solving in an Anthropomorphic Computer Culture
Logo Memo 42 AIM-398 Capturing Intuitive Knowledge in Procedural Description
Logo Memo 43 AIM-401 Development of Musical Intelligence II: children’s Represtnation of Pitch Relations
Logo Memo 44 AIM-407 Annotated Production Systems: A Model for Skill Acquisition
Logo Memo 45 AIM-417 Wusor II: A Computer Aided Instruction Program With Student Modeling Capabilities
Logo Memo 46 AIM-432 Teacher’s Guide for Computational Models of Animal Behavior
Logo Memo 47 AIM-441 On “Learnable” Representations of Knowledge: A Meaning for the Computational Metaphor
Logo Memo 48 AIM-460 Assessment and Documentation of a Children’s Computer Laboratory
Logo Memo 49 AIM-484 Interim Report of the Logo Project in the Brookline Public Schools: An assessment and Documentation of a Children’s Computer Laboratory
Logo Memo 50 AIM-488 Understanding Understanding Mathematics
Logo Memo 51 AIM-496 Information Prosthetics for the Handicapped
Logo Memo 52 AIM-523 Logo Music Projects: Experiments in Musical Perception and Design
Logo Memo 53 AIM-545 Final Report of the Brookline Logo Project Part II: Project Summary and Data Analysis
Logo Memo 54 AIM-546 Final Report of the Brookline Logo Project Part III: Profiles of Individual Student’s Work
Logo Memo 55 AIM-570 The Evaluation and Cultivation of Spacial and Linguistic Abilities in Individuals with Cerebral Palsy
Logo Memo 56 AIM-575 One Child’s Learning: Introducing Writing With a Computer
Logo Memo 57 AIM-586 The Progressive Construction of Mind
Logo Memo 58 AIM-590 Extending A Powerful Idea (spirals, POLYSPI, and such)
Logo Memo 59 UNKNOWN
Logo Memo 60 AIM-652 Some Powerful Ideas
Logo Memo 61 AIM-640 Natural Learning (observing children without instruction)

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