November 23, 2011

Q: So far, we have only talked about access to the Internet. Would you speculate on how other technologies could affect American education?

Dr. Papert: I was not talking about access to the Internet. I was talking about something much deeper in which computers serve as materials for construction as well as providing access to knowledge. For example, in collaboration with the LEGO company [a toy manufacturer], I and my colleagues at MIT have developed little computers that can be incorporated in the models that small children build. Thus they make behaviors as well as physical structures. When, as will soon happen, such devices become widely available, they will enormously increase every child’s opportunity to know what it is like to carry out a complex project using very advanced ideas from engineering and from psychology.”

Papert, Seymour. (1997) From Relearning Education in the Age of Technology – an interview by Steven Koenig. U.S. Society and Values – U.S.I.A. Electronic Journal, Vol. 2, No. 4, December 1997.

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