THE CHALLENGES OF IDC: What have we learned from our past? A conversation with Seymour Papert, Marvin Minsky, and Alan Kay

When we consider the history of technology and children, the noteworthy leaders that come to mind include Seymour Papert, Marvin Minsky, andAlan Kay who, over the years, have challenged us to bring together the lessons of educational reform, artificial intelligence, computer science, and human-computer interaction. What follows are excerpts from a conversation between this pioneering trio and David Kestenbaum, science reporter from National Public Radio, during the opening keynote panel at IDC 2004.

Read this article from Communications of the ACM, January 2005/Vol. 48, No. 1.

Kestenbaum, D. (2005). The challenges of IDC: what have we learned from our past? Communications of the ACM, 48(1), 35-38. 

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