The Daily Papert Needs Your Help!

Could there be a better way to do something productive during the Covid-19 shutdown than to help Better yet, you get to read some of Seymour Papert’s work and share it with the world!

The site will undergo repairs and a bit of redesign during this unforeseen global emergency,  but your assistance is required to keep The Daily Papert chugging along.

I created The Daily Papert to bring Seymour Papert’s words and wisdom to educators, parents, and policy-makers in a short-attention span era. Along the way, the site has become the predominant archives of Papert’s scholarship and popular work.

It’s hard to convince someone to read a book, especially one of Papert’s that require multiple readings, but it’s relatively easy to put a provocative sentence or two in front of them once a day. I have fallen short of that goal and need your help.

Please contribute a few minutes, hours, or even days sharing identifying and sharing your favorite quote(s) by Seymour Papert.

Send an email to and include two things:

  1. A inspiring, witty, profound, interesting, or provocative passage from any of Papert’s books, speeches, papers, or articles.
  2. The source of the quote (including the year would be appreciated). We will create the Web link.

Quotes should be limited to a length of one sentence to one or two paragraphs, maximum. We wish to entice readers to read further on their own.

Any of Papert’s three books are fertile grounds for selecting quotes. The Daily Papert Print Archives and Multimedia Archives also contain a treasure trove of nuggets to be mined, especially the speeches and interviews found I have collected and had transcribed. Many of these multimedia documents have never been explored, watched, or read. There are some recently unearthed print articles on the site as well.

At the bottom of the homepage, you will find a search box. Please copy part of your quote into the search box and determine if we have that quote already in the system.

Contribute as many entries as you can. I will then place them in the queue for distribution in the near future. I hope to redesign the site to randomize and repurpose these quotes for many years to come. There are nearly 300 entries right now. Adding another hundred or so would make the site exponentially better.

Thank you in advance for your contributions.

Gary Stager

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