March 3, 2011

“Teachers were once among the most respected members of their communities — often the most respected. This position is slipping as schools deteriorate and lose their social function. Some visions of the role of technology in education, for example, the image of the best teacher as a distant teacher, further undermine respect for teachers and their personal relationships with students. Our Vision offers a way to re-establish the teacher in a more powerful and important role even while making use of new techniques such as distant and computer-aided learning.”

Papert, S. & Caperton, G. (1999). Vision for Education: The Caperton-Papert Platform. Essay written for the 91st annual National Governors’ Association meeting held in St. Louis, Missouri in August of 1999.

1 thought on “March 3, 2011”

  1. This hits the nail right on the head. The lack of respect to teachers further undermines the role of the school as a factory…no respect there either. The teacher’s role as an advisor, facilitator or guide, especially in regard to computer-aided learning would help improve the situation. This will require a major shift in the culture and purpose of the school and its teachers.

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