November 7, 2011

[Correction: This was posted earlier as having been published in 1997, rather than 1984 and in the wrong magazine. The correct reference and link may be found below.]

In 1984 Family Computing Magazine asked Dr. Papert, “Do you think your voice, or anyone else’s, is being heard—are computers taking hold among the underprivileged?”

Seymour Papert replied:

“There’s nothing systematic so far. There’s a lot of grass-roots activity with drop-in centers and the like. What’s most exciting about the computer movement Is the number of people doing new things—writing software, starting magazines, writing letters. It’s unprecedented, effervescent learning. But, to make this learning widespread, we need the help of computer professionals. I think that in time we may see some of the unrest typical of the 1960s, with people symbolically banging down the doors of decision makers to protest against discrimination in society.”

Papert, S. (1984) “The Man Behind Logo” by Nick Sullivan. Family Computing Magazine. February 1984.

[editorial note: OWS?]

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