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Seymour Papert Would Like a Word with Ron DeSantis 33 years ago

Perestroika and Epistemological Politics Keynote address at the World Conference on Computers in Education at Darling Harbor, Sydney, Australia July 1990 By Seymour Papert[*] MIT Media Laboratory 20 Ames Street, E15-313 Cambridge, MA 02139 During the week of the conference you have been immersed in exciting and focused discussions about actual uses of computers in real educational settings. …

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May 2, 2011

“By asking questions such as: “What’s the best way to teach science,” there’s an implication that there’s a single entity that can make that decision. It’s not like that, maybe never was.” Moore, A. (1998) Seymour Papert quoted in archived article, Targets Hit, Targets Missed — Seymour Papert, chronicling his speech at the October 1998 …

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April 28, 2011

“It [education] is analogous to a market-driven economy. Like Darwinian evolution, numerous interplays allow many results to organically emerge. How do we intervene in this divergent, organic, apparently chaotic system? As in a “free market” the government doesn’t tell us how many nails to produce, but it does intervene in the economy; the FDA doesn’t …

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