April 25, 2011

Today’s feature is a very special addition to The Daily Papert.

It is not by Seymour Papert, but is about some of his most important work, the invention of the Logo programming language for children. In 1967-68, few others imagined putting computational power in the hands of children. Two of those visionaries are honored here.

Papert’s influence, friendship and presence were felt everywhere at the Constructionism 2010 Conference in Paris last August. Although sad that Papert was not at the gathering of so many friends, I realized that Logo was created primarily by three great scholars. Since two of them, Dr. Cynthia Solomon and Dr. Wally Feurzig, were at the conference I asked the conference chair, Dr. James Clayson if we could borrow the stellar student video crew from the American University of Paris to capture a first-hand recollection of Logo’s birth in the words of 2/3 of its parents. So, instead of eating lunch one day, Dr. Celia Hoyles and I interviewed the two pioneers. Celia did a magnificent job.

The video below is the result

Logo history Interview from Gary Stager on Vimeo.
(click the Logo History Interview link to go to the video, especially if you’re using a non-Flash-enabled browser.)

I am enormously grateful to James Clayson, The American University of Paris, Wally & Cynthia, Celia and the students who shot and edited the video for their help in preserving this history.


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