5 thoughts on “January 25, 2011”

  1. Most teachers I know are so busy filling out mandatory forms that they lack sufficient time to actually TEACH. They are then threatened with firing when students receive low grades on EOGs. What a crock. What a waste of time.

    It’s no wonder they are leaving the public school system in droves and running for Magnets, Christian, Orthodox and Friends [Quaker] Schools to teach at instead!

  2. “Of course one must grant that some people employed as teachers do not do a good job. But forcing everyone to teach by the rules does not improve the “bad teachers”– it only hobbles the good ones.”

    Brilliant. I agree. This truth is born from the same logic that we as free citizens must maintain our right to defend ourselves with firearms. Will there be accidents? Yes. But, disarming law abiding citizens won’t keep guns from criminals – it will merely make good people more vulnerable to the bad.

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