June 13, 2011

“While it’s true that most people in math class don’t learn much math, most kids in French class don’t learn much French. But, we don’t say that they are not “French-ly minded.” We don’t say that they don’t have a head for French because we know that if they grew-up in France, they would learn French perfectly well. And I think that my image of learning mathematics is that if we all learned mathematics in “Mathland,” we would all learn mathematics perfectly well. “

Papert, S. (2002) Why Math and Science? From Squeakers DVD. Excerpt on YouTube.

1 thought on “June 13, 2011”

  1. spot on.. and bravo.

    yet in my ignorance i ask, is not mathland life? must we really create it?

    have we created the need to create it, more than that it needs creation?

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