June 14, 2011

“Despite many examples of such excellent work, the isolation of the computer presence must be seen as a kind of immune response of school to a foreign body; whether or not the participants were aware that this is what they were doing, it is clear that the logic of the process was to bring the intrusive thing back into line with School’s ways. The computer in the classroom was undermining the division of knowledge into subjects; it was turned into a subject of its own. It undermined the idea of curriculum; it was made the topic of curriculum of its own.

But of course, this mechanism is not confined to computers. In its time, Schol has normalized other subversive influences too. For example, Piaget was the theorist of learning without curriculum; School spawned the project of developing a Piagetian curriculum.”

Papert, S. (1993) The Children’s Machine: Rethinking School in the Age of the Computer. NY: Basic Books. Page 54.

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