January 26, 2017

Connecting new knowledge to things you know and love, and things you think you can do, makes you feel good about it, makes you take it in in a form that is your own. By taking in knowledge in a form that feels to you as you, you change your feelings about yourself as well. You no longer think of yourself as somebody who can do math but doesn’t really understand poetry, or can draw but doesn’t have a head for numbers. Instead, you appropriate all knowledge in a form that’s yours, that you can do, that you can love. Through loving what you know, you love yourself more.

From New Mindstorms, Tape 2 РTeaching (1986)



One Response to “January 26, 2017”
  1. Ted Kaehler says:

    Tnx for this site! I will return to read more. I’m surprised you are not announcing the MIT Media Lab Symposium webcast on your page!!! –Ted.