2 thoughts on “Seymour Papert Brings Robotics to Children & Classrooms”

  1. Thank you for sending me the Daily Papert newsletter. I have a long-standing interest with both Seymour Papert,
    Lego and a Boston group. Nothing resulted, but I have ‘kept going’. I am a female entrepreneur who happened
    to originate an innovative math system trademarked Compute-A-Color, way back in 1978 – subsequently gained a
    patent. Education was not my field (that was violin, art and journalism). It is easier to tell you my web than to
    try to describe. That is: http://www.compute-a-color.com. I think I was the first to combine East/West theories of number
    to bring sensory enrichment to ‘set the stage’ for early learners. Because a simple color-code serves as language
    CAC has global potential; so I have been many places. It works! I am celebrating today, since beginners in a MN Kindergarten just got 70 Compute-A-Color Tool Buckets. FUN!

    1. I would be delighted to be in contact with research persons in Boston, Adam Croom at Pepperdine and also
      educator Charischak. When I tried at Lego, at that time, the president declined information (except for my
      address from a friend in Sweden) saying (about prime numbers): “Children know it ….they just don’t know they
      know it….” Well, I disagree. My husband says most people don’t know a Prime from a Potato. That’s what may
      be the trouble?! Anyway, Kindergarten kids can now figure it out for themselves! A coveted way to learn with
      Compute-A-Color! …from Ann-Margaret.

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